ICOM Kyoto

2017 to 2019
Large Impact by joining Forces - a Series of Lectures in Japan
Following the success of the cooperation between ICOM Netherlands and EXARC, it was an easy decision to cooperate once more, towards the ICOM General Conference in Kyoto (JP), 2019. Paardekooper chaired the workgroup, organizing a lecture session by the title “large impact by joining forces”, a cooperation between the two aforementioned parties, ICOM Japan, DEMHIST and the Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis.
Good lessons were learned from the previous cooperation around the 2016 ICOM General Conference in Milan (IT). Preparation with the international partners and speakers was a challenge and therefore the project was time consuming. The session was live translated for Japanese participants, PR material was produced in Japan to attract people to come to our session just to mention a few details.
In the end, we had an interesting pallet of lectures, followed by a reception by the Dutch Embassy in Japan, which was attended by a large number of Dutch participants to the conference and their international colleagues. Although we are just a small player, ICOM Netherlands and its affiliates for this session were highly visible between the 4,500 participants.
The conclusion of the cooperation was the preparation and publication of a review of the session, which included a number of drawings, made on the spot by a drawing artist / cartoonist from Tokyo. This was published on the website of ICOM Netherlands at https://www.icomnederland.nl/nieuws/122-kyoto-2019.