EU project


2010 to 2012
Didarchtik in Kanzach

In 2010-2012 a two year long so called “Grundtvig Learning Partnership” was active, by the name Didarchtik. This was in fact a decentralised project meaning the framework was created at the beginning, the reporting was done at the end, but the two-year project itself...


2010 to 2012
OpenArch - Workshop at Parco Montale, April 2012

OpenArch combines many ambitions of both Paardekooper and EXARC. The core is about improving the dialogue in archaeological open-air museums with the public, with crafts and with science. Besides that, attention is paid to good contacts with...


2006 to 2009
liveARCH, meeting in Scotland, 2007

After many preparations and under the coordination of the Eindhoven Museum, a group of 4 people: Roeland Paardekooper, Geir Sør-Reime, Björn Jakobsen & Bert van Valburg wrote an EU Culture 2000 Application...