2010 to 2012
OpenArch - Workshop at Parco Montale, April 2012

OpenArch was a five year Culture project (2011 - 2015) funded by the EU including 9 archaeological open-air museums, the University of Exeter and the umbrella organisation EXARC. OpenArch combined many ambitions of both Paardekooper and EXARC. The core was about improving the dialogue in archaeological open air museums with the public, with crafts and with science. Besides that, attention was paid to good contacts with the international museum world and a good PR & Communication Network.

OpenArch had hundreds of activities and dozens of products including several films and books. A large number of people travelled through Europe for conferences and workshops and we have been able to attract important specialists for talks and trainings on various subjects regarding the improving of archaeological open-air museums.

Paardekooper was one of the authors of the project and continued as Operational Manager in the international management team (2010 - 2012). He also was the Community Manager for OpenArch, coordinating the social media with after four years over 20,000 followers. Among others he co-authored with Zielinska, a guide on Communication and PR for archaeological open-air museums.