Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name: Paardekooper
Given names: Roeland Pieterszoon
Cell: +31 (0) 6 40263273
Date of Birth: 17 March 1970
Place of Birth: Eindhoven
Civil Status: Married, no children
Languages: Dutch, English and German (Excellent) Danish (Moderate)

Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau
On 2nd February 2012, Roeland Paardekooper was made a Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau. The Award, granted by Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, is a well-deserved recognition of Paardekooper's achievements. The citation focused in particular on his services to archaeology and the very considerable part he has played in the development of EXARC's international network.

Museum Horizon Award
On 26th September 2015, Roeland Paardekooper received the Museum Horizon Award. It was awarded by the Hans Manneby Memorial Fund for Museum Development. The price is for persons who contribute in an innovative manner to the developing and changing role of museums in contemporary society, local as well as global. Paardekooper received the international award for his dedicated work and significant contribution in professionalizing the role of archaeological open-air museums when it comes to financial management, interpretation and public relations.


2005 – 2012:

PhD studies at the University of Exeter (UK)
PhD thesis: "The Value of an Archaeological Open-Air Museums is in its Use. Understanding Archaeological Open-Air Museums and their Visitors"

1990 – 1998: MA studies Pre- en Protohistorie, Universiteit Leiden (NL)
MA thesis: "In alien fairway, what is the use to archaeology for modern cog like vessels?"
1989 – 1990: Propedeuse Algemene Archeologie, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden (NL)
1982 – 1989: Gymnasium, van Maerlant, Eindhoven (NL)


2018 - 2019: Community Manager of the Crafter Project, funded by the EU Creative Europe Programme in the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018; 8 partners, 5 countries, 100,000 EUR.
2017  present:  Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Exeter, UK
2014  present: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Zeiteninsel, an archaeological open-air museum near Marburg, Germany
2014  2016:  Member of the Circle of Experts of Archäologisches Zentrum Hitzacker, an archaeological open-air museum near Lüneburg, Germany
2013 – 2016: First Interim Director, then Director at the Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen (DE), one of the world's oldest archaeological open-air museums
2011 - present: Member of ICOM, the International Council of Museums.
2015-2018: Co-organiser of a session at the Convention in Milan (IT), co-editor of the proceedings
2017-present: Main organiser of a session at the Convention in Kyoto (JP): 6 lectures, 4 stake holders, 3 countries. 
2011 – 2015: Community Manager for OpenArch, informing about the project partners, their activities, OpenArch in general, archaeological open-air museums and experimental archaeology. 
2010 – 2012: Operational Manager of OpenArch, a project with 10 archaeological open-air museums and EXARC as partners, the lead partner was C.I. de Calafell (ES).
2010 – 2012: Coordinator of the EU Grundtvig Learning Partnership Didarchtik, vice coordinator of the EU Grundtvig Learning Partnership Zeitgeist
2009 – 2011: Project coordinator, Time Travel project, Lund University (SE).
2007 – 2016: Owner of Archeo Interface, Archaeology & Public. Goal of this company is to link between those who are daily working with archaeology and those who are accidentally or professionally interested in the past.
2006 – 2009: Fellow coordinator of the 3-year EU project liveARCH – a project to gain professionalism among 8 archaeological open-air museums across Europe.
2007: Writing of a management & rescue plan for the Foundation Prehsitoric Settlement Flevoland, "Swifterkamp" (NL), as requested by the Flevoland Province (together with Flexmanagement).
2006 – 2007: RACM, inventory of archaeological open-air museums and site museums across Europe.
2002 – 2006: Prehistorisch Dorp (NL)
2005 – 2006: Senior employee, coordinator experimental archaeology, seeking of governmental funds
2002 – 2004: Coordinator living history, ICT help desk
2001 – 2006: Advisor Foundation Ludger Church Zelhem regarding (archaeological) authenticity and advisor in project organisation
2000 – present: Co-founder of EXARC the ICOM Affiliated Organisation representing archaeological open-air museums, experimental archaeology, ancient technology and interpretation.
2011 present: Director of EXARC

2011 – present: Community Manager Social Media
2003 – present: Executive Editor EXARC Journal
2003 – 2004: Substitute Chair (Board member)
2001 – 2010: Secretary (Board member)
1999 – 2000: TGV texts and Presentations, Leiden (NL). Trainee for a.o. the Belvedere-project, executed, assigned by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
1998 – 1999: Nederlands Instituut voor Scheeps- en Onderwaterarcheologie (NISA)(NL). Trainee at the Watership project
1997: RAAP, Amsterdam (NL).Trainee at the DLG project Groenraven-Oost

Side activities

2018: Organiser of the conference: Archaeology for the People: Exhibition, Experience and Performance, in Kernave (LT), 40 participants, 15 nationalities, 20 presentations. 
2018:  Co-organiser of the EAA Conference of the session: “What we are learning from experimental archaeology?”, 12 presentations
2015: Received the Museum Horizon Award 2015  for his dedicated work and significant contribution in professionalizing the role of archaeological open-air museums.
2014: Co-editor of "Experiments Past, Histories of Experimental Archaeology", 248 pp, 17 papers, published by
2013: Co-organiser of conference on the History of Experimental Archaeology, in Lejre (DK). 30 participants, 8 nationalities, 15 presentations.
2012: Knighted in the order of Orange-Nassau. 
The citation focused in particular on his services to archaeology and the very considerable part he has played in the development of EXARC's international network.
2011: Co-organiser of IAMC – International Archaeological Conference Calafell (ES). 75 participants, 15 nationalities, 18 presentations.
2007 – present: Assisting in organising the international conference on experimental archaeology #EAC, from 2017 onward: main organiser.
2018-19: Main organiser of the 11th international conference on Experimental Archaeology, EAC11, in Trento (IT). Expected: 175 participants, 20 nationalities, 75 presentations.
2016-17: Main organiser of the 10th international conference on Experimental Archaeology, EAC10, in Leiden (NL). 130 participants, 15 nationalities, 58 presentations.
2007: Co-organiser: International conference on experimental archaeology at the University of Exeter (UK), 82 participants, 12 nationalities, 9 presentations, several workshops and demonstrations.
2007 – 2011: Member of VOiA, Dutch Association of Entrepeneurs in Archaeology
2006: Co-organiser of the EAA Conference of the session: “Experimental Archaeology – goals & (im)possibilities”, 9 presentations
2006: Co-organiser: “2nd International Conference at Százhalombatta (HU) on Experimental Archaeology and Archaeological Parks”, 61 participants, 17 nationalities, 20 presentations
2005 – present: Member of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA)
2005 – 2006: Advisor Hunebedden Informatie Centrum, Borger (NL), concerning a temporal exhibition about experimental archaeology and the Neolithic
2000 – 2014: Member of the board of advisors of Prehistorisch Dorp (NL), among others responsible for advise regarding quality and implementation of experimental archaeology
2002 – present: Member of EXAR e.V., European Association for experimental archaeology, 110 members in 10 countries
2002 - 2004: Co-founder
2002 – 2004: Substitute Chair and Webmaster EXAR
2002 – 2004: Member of the editorial board of the yearbook ‘Experimental Archaeology in Europe’, circulation: 750 copies
1997 – 2007: Member of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Archeologen (NvVA)
1996 – present: Member of the Vereniging voor Archeologische Experimenten en Educatie (VAEE)
2015 – 2017: Member of the Advisory Council to the VAEE Board
2003 – 2007: Chair VAEE
2001: In cooperation with the Dutch Council for Archaeology (SNA): organisation of study day “teaching at an archaeological open-air centre” as well as preparatory editorial work for the proceedings
2001: Co organisor of the 9th international Conference “Experimental Archaeology” in Eindhoven,125 participants from 15 countries, 24 presentations
2000 – 2004: Editor of the Bulletin BAEE
2000 – 2004: Webmaster VAEE:
2000 – 2002: Secretary VAEE
1999 – 2002: Member of the VAEE Board: Coordinator of the workgroups and archaeological open-air centres
1996 – 2004: Co editor of the Bulletin BAEE, three times per year published by VAEE
1995 – 2001: Voluntary employee of the Stichting Wereldwinkel Leiden, (Oxfam Shop), in this period grown from a turnover of € 50.000 to € 175.000, Member of the Board (‘Kerngroep’) with assigned tasks: volunteers and IT
1998: Coordinator moving of the shop
1997 – 2000: Chief volunteers
1997 – 2001: Coordinator purchase and IT
1997 – 1998: Chaimran of the two week interval general ‘board’ meetings
1996 – 1999: Unpaid Coordinator Wereldwinkel Leiden
1991 – 1996: Member of the workgroup History of Construction, Leiden (WGBG)
1988: Coordinator re establishing Archeaological Workgroup Eindhoven (AWE), nowadays AVKP
1982 – 1997: Member of the Dutch Youth Association for History (NJBG)
1990 – 1992: Editor of the managerial magazine for the national staff
1989 – 1992: Coordinator Denmark Commitee
1985 – 1989: Member of the Board of the Eindhoven branch of the NJBG, different tasks amongst which: Chair, Secretary, Editor, Librarian and Archivist
1989 – 1992: Member of the Board (coordination) of the WEA, different tasks among which: Chair, Editor, Organisation and leading camps and short activities
1982 – 1992: Participation in Construction and maintenance of different archaeological open air centres across the Netherlands
1983 – 1997: Member of the Workgroup Experimental Archaeology (WEA)